Hey all,
I think this is the best forum for this question, and its a bit of a change from the "what guitar" threads.

I was listening to 'the automatic' on the radio today the song is called monster, and when the guitarist starts the 'solo' theres this awesome sound he makes. It sounds like a slow trem flutter but at the same time it doesnt.

Heres a video (i think it should work), it'll work best on broadband.


The solo starts at 2 minutes 6 seconds, but the technique is sounded at 2 minutes 12 seconds.

The guitarist kinda of plays a note, then does something to the neck of the guitar.
Ive checked out the tabs, and they all say that its just octave notes, but i know that it isnt.

The video link shows you what i mean, and it also lets you listen to the effect.

Anyone know what this technique is??
Been away, am back
ahhhhh thanks davidian
Ill go and try it out later
Been away, am back