I am becoming more interested in this guitar every time I lay my eyes on it. I saw it in guitar center and was blown away by the looks. Stupid me, I didn't pick it up and play it, but next time I most definetly will. What do you think about this axe? If anyone owns it how does it sound, I know amps change the sound so try to be specific with what you're usuing. I'm not to such if it's very versatile, does it lean more toward hardcore/metal? I hoping it's a very versatile guitar.

Thanks to all replies!
Dude, i just baught this beast of a guitar, its the one of the best guitars i have ever played. The action is perfect for any type of plaing, and it has a coil tap so you can get the les paul sound/strat sound out of the same guitar. I got the honey satin color and its the best thing i have ever seen. Oh, and the super rock II pickups kick so much ass!!! Its an awesome guitar for any genre of music you play. Hands down, one of the greatest guitars i have ever played.
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The Schecter will be one of the best buys u ever made
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Right on!!! I have always been interested in them... Their looks and playing, well I only played the C-1 Artist and loved it. If you have any more info please keep providing it.
I've played a Schecter and I really didn't like it. Am I weird?!
Very. Get out of here, freak.

The Exotic, IMO, is Schecter's nicest guitar . I'm considering buying one but I'd definitely wanna swap the pups.
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