if i do this will there be a whole left where the screw went in to the body ?
will this be noticable?
could i damage the finish in the process?
Quote by TUMFP
ya there will be a tiny little hole, where ever it was drilled into the body there will be a hole

yeah there will be, it won't be noticable from far away. If you have a solid color body you can fill the whole with wood filler and paint it.
ok i took it off but i dont really like the hole being there and ive got a sunburst finish i decided no matter how much i dont like having the pick guard there i dont want to scratch the finish on my guitar when playing so im gonna put it back on thanks any ways
well yeah, i don't know why you wanted to put the pickguard off. that's what makes the les pauls so nice. can you post a pic mate? i'd love to see it
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