i'm looking into buying a 7 string. particuraly the ibanez rg7321 and i wnted to know, if i swapped the pups, would everything be good? and also, what are good 7 string pickups? k thanks
Yea im buying that same 7 string in the next couple of months.......i think either Bareknuckle or swineshead have got some 7 string p'ups comming out soon, so i may have a look into them plus i know EMG have an active set and a passive set, but if the 7 string passives are like the 6 string passives they do..........lets not get started on them
I'm not really sure, actually. I'm not fond of that Ibanez, myself. However, if it's something you're really set on, I'd get EMG 707s if you want a metal sound(I make this assumption based on the 7-stringedness) or some Seymour Duncan 7 string pick-ups, which do exist. I know you could get a JB and '59.

But if you want to play metal, go all out and get a Schecter C-7 Hellraiser, man. Much better, and it comes fully loaded. $699

Check out Schecters line of 7 strings. They make a lot of good ones, all of them cheaper than that model. You might find something you like.