Ok i love the look of this guitar, i love the feel of it also.........but is the trem on the floyd rose model any good? Because if it isnt that great then i may as well just go for the string through version, as a replacement 7 string trem will prob cost £££........so if anyone has any experiences with it please say...

thanks in advance
only thing i can say is why do you want 7 strings

you should probably get the regular damien then


pretty good guitar
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im after a 7 string, because my band is doing more prog type songs, dream theather type stuff, and we've already written an instrumental track based on 7 strings, on powertab........plus my backup guitar for standard tuning is really sh*t, encore strat copy......so i thought the 7 string could serve 2 purposes, it will stay in standard tuning im not into all the uber low tunings, i have my main guitar in Drop C which is enough for me