I'm going to get a Ibanez for sure, but im not sure what model. I'm leaning towards a RG350EX but i would like to hear what you guys think about it.


I have the guitar youre talking about. In fact I picked it up only, I dunno, like 2 weeks ago? It was second hand and its about half a year old.

I really like the body and neck for their speed. Frets are fine. Easy to play. Action nice and low. Not perfectly set up yet tho. Trem seems fine for now but theres been alot of bitching about that on for example harmony central.

Im very happy with this guitar but I picked it up second hand for 250 euros. Thats not alot of money for this kinda quality cos even if the trem breaks down after a few years that wont set me back more in total than a guitar with a quality trem would have.

There are better ibanezes out there. Steve Vais sig models have a similair look and are higher quality. On the other hand those are WAY more expensive: if you went out for a new rg350, put the pickups in it and the trem that might set u back 400 (guitar) + 150 (pickups) + 300 if the trem breaks down on ya. So thats 550 - 850 instead of 1100+.

I did my maths and found this guitar to be good for me (specifally wanting H-S-H).
You do your maths!
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Trem suck, get a S-series or RG1570 OR a used RG570.
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Just the same as the RG1570 actually. The reason its more expensive is that it has white textured finish, and the brown mirror sharktooth inlays (which i dont think its attractive if compared to normal pearloid sharktooth).

About the playing, what can i say, typical Prestige, its great.
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...
Quote by madpickin03
Trem suck, get a S-series or RG1570 OR a used RG570.


those lower models normally have a differently sized route for the trem, so the trem isn't a straight swap for a good one. Also, the general quality of construction and woods will be better (on the japanese prestige rg's).

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Since the 350DX doesnt have the best trem and you are looking in its price range, consider this Jackson below. I believe this DK2 goes for $649 on MF in black, which I would never pay for a licensed trem guitar, but since you are on a budget this might be the best deal out there for $320 shipped. It has an alder body which is good (LTD charges up to $419 for the agathis wood M200FM) and the Jackson licensed JT580 trem and looks like decent sounding pups (better sounding than the 350DX i would bet.)



Heres the Musicians Friend link for $649 black:
so for $320 it seems like a good deal on a decent guitar