I'm looking at getting a new guitar, but I'm kinda broke, so does anyone have suggestions for a good electric between $200 and $400 dollars?
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Epiphone Les Paul Standar is a great choice. Schecter Omen 6 are great guitars, too.
Look around for an Ibanez RG560. Usually they go for around three hundred bucks. H/S/S makes it damn versatile, you can get any noise out of it with the right settings.
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used rg450 470 550 570 etc..
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how about this idea

go to a guitar shop and try out guitars from a 200-400$ range
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fender mexican strat. probably the most versitile guitar you could buy for that price range. if you play metal i would look at something else.
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Well, I'm not going to be able to go, so I need to know a good model name so that I can make sure they get the right one. I have a Fender, and I really don't like it. I can't get a tone that I like on it whatsoever.
I have a Godin LG that Im rly happy with. That went for 400 euros. I also have a second hand ibanez rg350ex that Im also rly happy with. Before buying the Godin I decided against an Epiphone.

Consider buying second hand. You can get more quality for your bucks if you do so and buy wisely.
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Get a schecter man, and Omen 6 perhaps
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save up 50 bucks more and get a schecter c1 artist from musicians friend, seeing as your from america.
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