ok me and two of my friends want to start a screamo band. problem is there is only three of us. is it ok just to have three people in a screamo band?
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Why couldn't you. As long as you have bass, drums, guitar, and someone or multiple people to do vocals you can do it.
yeah theres been tons of 3 piece bands that make good music

go for it
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You could, but it would probably be better to have another guitarist so you can have lead and rythym. Simpler music like punk or pop punk isn't hard to do with 3 people, but if you want more melodic hardcore or screamo, 4 or 5 people would work better.
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oooh idk, it depends if you wants that rich sounding crazy stuff, or more punk influenced, id play around with it and if it feels like you could use another person then id add another guy... myspace.com/nopride thats a cool screamo/punk band thats a 3 peice...
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Screamo su...

Oops. Only kidding (very badly).

Anyway, I've never heard of a three person screamo band, but that's no reason not to do it yourself. If you accomodate for the lack of personnel, then you might develop an interesting sound. A few of my favorite bands are trios.
That sounds like a good idea. I'm sure that it would work out well.
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Totally dude....do it....
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I was going to say that, but you know I didn't want to get jumped by all these people who think they get to decide what everything is called. But to the threadstarter, if you haven't heard of TFOT then check them out. That should inspire you and show you what a 3 piece can do and sound like.
yeah, so long as the singer/whatever can kep up with playing and singing (in this case screaming ) then there's nothing at all wrong with it. lot's of three pieces sound great, good luck.

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