I like to play metal and related if that makes any difference, so i'll always be using the wah w/ distortion.

I've tried some Dunlops, 535Q, Dime Crybaby From Hell, and Zakk Wylde.

Between the 535Q and CFH, I liked the CFH a little more but i think that has to do with the fact that i played this the most and i like the design and feel more.

Anyways, the 535Q and CFH have similar specs (volume boost, "Q" control) so out of the two i'd get the 535Q cuz it's cheaper, $107 on musiciansfriend, while the CFH is $145.

So, Is the CFH much better than the 535Q (atleast for metal) or is it just overpriced for the same thing (besides design).

I've also highly considered a Morley Bad Horsie (2), since i liked the samples and i've heard they're really good especially for metal, and i like the idea of not having to switch on/off.

I've also considered a Dunlop Original Crybaby just for the cheapness factor.
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I haven't heard anything about the Ibanez, so I'd rather stick with one of the others, and also it has a lot of buttons that imo is unnecessary and just makes it more complicated and likely to deffect. It also doesn't seem very durable and looks big/bulky.
iv got the morley bad horsie two, its pretty much great for any style because of the contour wah option on it, if you get one it wont dissapoint you
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wait for ibanez 4 life SZ!. he has a morley tremonti power wah and loves it. its supposed to be a great wah.
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Ive got teh Zakk one because theres no knobs or anything, just plug in and play
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The guy at guitar center kept trying to sell me the Zakk Wah, but I don't want a Zakk sig. and I can find better deals for others.

Anyone know how much Morley Bad Horsie 2's usually sell for in the U.S.?
I can get a used Bad Horsie 2 for $90, or new for $110 on music123.
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Well, here's my overview of wah pedals.....Dunlop makes very little good ones....IMO, none of them are worth it (maybe except the CFH, but still not my favorite). I hate the button, because it really restricts the use of your wah pedal to longer parts of songs.

The Wylde wah is very poor IMO, and the 535Q, though versatile, is nothing special. Any other crybaby is not worth mentioning.

Obviously, there is Buddha, Teese, great wahs, but the price tag reflects it.

Now, Morley. Amazing wah pedals. I specifically own the Tremonti power wah, and I think it is the best of the lot, closely followed by the Vai wah. The auto on and off function is godly, as it allows you to use the wah in many many more ways. And the tone....very full and fat....never gets nasal or thin. The sweep is amazing also! One thing I recently learned....don't turn the gain boost on it too high, as it compresses a bit and looses the wah tone! Other wise, you can go from heavy metal wah tones to funk wah only by switching from the high gain to clean channel!

Amazing wah, and more than worth its price!
hey ibanez, can you please explain the whole on/off thing with the Morley's? How does it allow you to use it in "many more ways"?
Quote by ibanez4life SZ!

The auto on and off function is godly, as it allows you to use the wah in many many more ways

ibanez, can you get that Schenker sound, cocked wah and leave it that way, or do you have to have your foot there until your done?
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