I probably should spend more time playing and less time thinking about doing a project but I like to make stuff. I want to make a BC rich Jr V copy. I took the largest pic of a JR V, happens to be that ugly body art V with the chic on it, I could find and tried to make it actual size in photoshop based on the 25.5 scale length. I came up with 21" long from the top of the body behind the neck to the tips of the V and 17 3/4" wide from tip to tip. Does this sound right? Im not totally confident in my scale length because it measures 12.750 from nut to middle of 12th but from the 12th fret on 12.750 puts it short of the bridge piece. So I was hoping someone could confirm my findings if you have a V and a ruler Id appreciate it Basically Im just trying to determin the total costs for the project at this point.
your scale length is correct.

check this website out for designing your graphics

as for costs it depends what you want on it but i recomend about £500 to be safe
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Also do you need special hardware to do a string through body? I cant seem to find any hardware for sale. Where can you find blanks in larger sizes. Most of the ones im finding are to small made for strat copies etc.
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