Rite the fing is when i make some chord changes like from G to D for example some Fingers seem to get to the frets quicker mainly the ring finger. im just wondering how i can stop this? will i develop over time? and is there any excersisers i can do to make the progression faster.

Many Thanks

practice slow and steady chord progressions that have G followed by D. doesnt matter the speed, just so that the habit stops if it really bugs you....

the same thing happened to me when i first started and i did this. now its all in unison...
just practice doing it evenly. i never actually sat down and said "right i'm gonna practice this til i get it right", but it just came over time
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It'll come naturally.

I couldn't change between Gs and Ds at all until I learned Hotel Yorba.

Just practice, it will come.
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it came to me over time too...but practice till you can do it is also a fine technique
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I got this going when I started trying Good Riddance by Green Day.

The chord change actually goes from G to a C9 [Is that the one? - x320(3)3] then to a D, but from the C9 to the D is very similar so I got it from there, then just got it from the G.
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