i'm just getting back in to playing after about a decade away. remembering way back when, epiphones were considered intro-guitars that would be packaged with a silly little amp. surely not anything anybody who knew anything about anything would be caught dead with. now i see that a whole lot of people are playing them, including professional.

so what's the deal?

also, what are the tonal differences between bolt on and glue or one-piece? what about the strat-style neck scale vs the gibson-style neck scale tonal differences?

i used to have a les paul, and when i would butt the headstock up against my amp it would generate this rumbling noise that could have crumbled the walls of fort knox. my strat-style, home-built couldn't do that.

also, what are some good guitar kit companies. i'm thinking about transfering all of my hardware. i love the look of the SG and the 3/3 headstock style, and i'd like to keep my floyd rose
Far east made guitars are better quality than they used to be, and american ones aren't what they used to be (well, according to old guys with beards mostly!) and are more and more expensive. Epis use pretty decent wood and are put together well - you're probably gonna change the pickups if you're recording but otherwise they do the job. There's some pretty big bands (like Queens of the Stone Age) that use Epis on stage lately.

You're not gonna be able to fit your floyd rose in an SG style body.
A set neck has alot more sustain.
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