ive recently bought an Ibanez electric Guitar ( RX series lovin it!! ) and a really great amp that I play Solo with ( Crate GT-15. hasnt given me any problems yet )

well ive had all this stuff for like 3 days now and im lovin it. And just this morning I woke up and practiced on my own for about 4 hrs. and made up my own new song! I cant even believe i composed a song in 3 days. man this is so much fun.

and the song is about 50 seconds but its still a lot of fun to play. sounds just like metallica with a lot of distortion and hammer ons and pull offs are included of course so it sounds great. and im adding on to the song as much as I can but dont want to over do it.

well, keep in mind ive only had this stuff for 3 days so u guys think im off to a good start or no? i say no because i havent learned all the tabs and chords and stuff. I definatlely know the NOTES but not tabs or anything else. well what u guys think?
I think you're off to a great start, you're enjoying the guitar and thats what its about-fun.

If you want other people to comment on your song, record it (if you have the equip) and put it up on the riffs and recordings forum.
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You're definately off to a great start. If you can play for 4 hours without knowing anything and enjoy it that much, that's awesome. 3 days is nothing really. It takes a long time to get a good grip of all the aspects. Don't worry about that, it will come with time and that's what UG is for
keep it up

took me alot longer than that to make a decent song
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