"The Judgement Day" A Professionally Recorded Psychedelic Instrumental at My Home Studio, inspired by Pink Floyd and Dream Theater.

The story goes like, A symphony plays and world comes to an end...slowly and gradually everything shatters!

I hope you guys will like it, Feel free to download and comment on it.

TynGent - The Judgement Day Instrumental



.TynGent mm
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thats it
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Listening to it now, it should be great. Dream Theater and Pink Floyd are two of my favorite bands.

? I?m digging the intro, it is very Pink Floyd-esque. I like your water and bird samples.
? The samples in the cave are awesome. The banging drums, wolf howling, water dripping, it?s awesome!
? The person walking and drawing the sword is pretty neat, eh, sounds like he died.
? The guitar finally came in and I must say that your clean tone is very, very nice.
? Electric came in, I don?t like this tone as much your clean, but it is still fine. I do like the talking samples.
? Nice chops dude, liking the wah. Now you?re picking it up into a metal song with a killer riff. This is obviously where the Dream Theater influences are coming into play.
? You?ve slowed it down again, and there?s a cool Spanish sounding guitar playing with nice chops as well. I also like this gong-like effect you have going on. It appears that this is the end of this incredible musical journey.

I must say, this is by far the most professional recording I have heard on this site. The music is incredible, very reminiscent of Pink Floyd, but to me, it seemed the heavier section was more Metallica influenced than Dream Theater due to the way you used your wah.

Overall, this is a freaking masterpiece. There is incredible imagery portrayed throughout the song and I felt shivers down my spine during some of the more intense sampling moments. The ONLY things I would change is the tone of your first lead, and possibly your second, as well as the tone of the riffing guitar around 5 minutes in.

What did you use to record the drums (as in a keyboard, electronic drums, acoustic drums, etc.)? They sounded really good IMO. Also, what setup did you record this on and what recording/editing software did you use?

Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=374791

EDIT: Also, change the name to "The Judgment Day" because that includes the correct spelling of the word "judgment".
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Dammit I want to listen to this but it downloads at like 16 k/b a second...

Upload it to myspace or dmusic please
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Quote by chase09

What did you use to record the drums (as in a keyboard, electronic drums, acoustic drums, etc.)? They sounded really good IMO. Also, what setup did you record this on and what recording/editing software did you use?

thanks man for your huge review, thanks alot
i used a Keyboard for drums
and well the setup was LOL a creative 5.1 soundcard and Adobe Audition, thats all

all the leads part were recorded on ZOOM 606 processor but now ive bought PODxt LIVE so next recordings will be much better
"Music is essentially useless, as life is"

Jackson DKMG
Roland Cube60
POD xt live
thats it
intro as great and atmospheric as it is is a tad too long
overall takes a little long to get going.
put it on Dmusic!!!!!

comments -
just....excellent. all of it O_o wow. *thumbs up tbh*

mines here and is shamed by this threads presence https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=375140

PS Gimmeh some tips!!! thx
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It was very cool until you kicked in the distortion. The tone is horrible, it then turned very lame and resurrected itself around 5:30. Work on your phrasing in those fast runs, they are boring.
The layers and pieces are very well crafted, it shows you put a lot of attention into this piece. And i appreciate musicians that do this, as opposed to play some standard progression and singing over it and playing some lead. Definately my cup of tea. Keep it up man, your foundation is good.

crit me up http://mthree.zdsquared.com/Files/Embossed.mp3
This is great stuff. I agree that it sounds very professional. The nice long intro is sweet. The samples of voices when the guitars come in do a lot for the overall mood. I love all the synth/sample stuff here. The guitar playing is pretty good over all.

I however cannot stand the high gain tones at all. They sound extremely thin, fizzy and DI box-ish. That is a shame too, because other than that this is a great recording. If you recorded this with a nice Boogie setup or higher quality rig (even a well tweeked modeler) it would have really given life to this.

So far, this is the closest thing to a pro recording that I have heard on this site.

I am a huge fan of Stravinsky and I bet if he had heard this he would dig it.

How about crit for me ? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=376336
thanks for the crit!

crit as i listen:

recording quality sounds really good

intro is really cool and trippy kinda... when i say trippy it's a compliment

this has some really cool effects and such in it, i'm digging it

sounds like it is building into something now... creating a really cool mood... very interested to see where it goes

more cool effects and background noises which are also really cool... still building up

stopped building up... didn't build up into anything, threw me for a loop... and some guy just screamed

hey there's some guitar... tone sounds good, i for one like the high gain tone

fast part with the drum beat just kicked in and i'm enjoying it

kinda sinds like soad at this point to me...

and back into the trippy effects-ridden deal... which is cool once again

overall i really liked this. i think it's well written and well played/synthed/whatever. it's a pretty powerful piece, imo. nice job. i know none of this was really criticism... but i didn't really hear anything to comment on negatively.
Intro is nice,
I love it when the sound of the clean guitar comes in especially with those samples!
as everybody has said already the distortion of the lead is a bit thin.
The song would have been a bit better if there wouldn't have been those huge holes in between.
overall , not bad but i would work on the distortion tone you have there.
Crit mine please