hey I have a mexican strat made sometime after leo fender sold fender so it is a lesser quality instrument. my pickups hum quite a bit more than my friends mexican strat which was made before fender was sold by leo fender. Overall the quality of workmanship is not as nice as my friends. I was wondering if it would be worth it to "fix" it up with new pickups among other things or it would be more worth it to sell the strat and with the money for the pickups and strat buy a better stratocaster?

any help is appreciated.
a pickup upgrade on just about any guitar will greatly enhance the guitar, plus, if you like the feel of your strat, thats a plus.
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i don't know the year
but i think it was made in 2001
the serial # is MZ2-205001
maple neck
and the tuners are not great
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Theres nothing wrong with a Mexican strat. I've owned two as well as two mexican telecasters. The pickups definitley could use attention. A nice hotrail or single coil from SD or Dimarzio help alot depending on what your musical taste is. The necks are fine for beginners all the way up to semipro level. I say this because I am a semipro musician. The only thing that may be an issue is if you are a dive bomber or whammybar freak. It WILL go out of tune as its a cheaper trem. The Americans arent much better as mine used to go out of tune all the time, and I paid 1100 for my American strat. Hell, my 79 strat goes out of tune if i play crazy solos on the whammy bar.
The tuners are OK. With a Pro setup, they should hold the tuning fine.
If you take the whammy bar off and close your eyes, you cant tell the diff.
Quote by insanelogic09
hey I have a mexican strat made sometime after leo fender sold fender...
...my friends mexican strat which was made before fender was sold by leo fender.

There is no such thing as a MIM Fender 'before Leo sold Fender'. He sold Fender to CBS in 1965. Due to falling profitability, CBS sold Fender to a group of Fender employees in 1985, and has been owned by the same group since.

Fender made their 'lower end' models in Japan until the late mid-to-late 80s, until they realized the Japanese models were of better quality than most of the USA models costing more. To combat this, they moved their lower end manufacturing to Ensenada, Mexico. All the lower-end Fender models have been produced there since, and all under the same company ownership.
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