Just learnt the box patterns but now I have found my soloing confined to the box. How do I break free of the box? Where can I find some good riffs and licks to learn while playing in the box but so it all doesn't sound exactly the same?
well, use different strings in different finger positions, so you can do different bending and pull offs you couldnt do in another finger position. and play a bit high up the guitar neck then switch t lower and find sweet licks lower down the guitar and just work on being creative, i was stuck sounding the same but just work through and dont go for the same box every time
Just play random notes outside of that position. There are 7 notes in most scales, 12 notes total. Your chances of hitting a scale tone are pretty good. If it doesntt sound good, move it up or down a fret or two and you'll probably have a chord tone.
Just playing random notes isn't helpful...
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There are five different positions for each scale. Memorize them, and you can jump around the neck.
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Just playing random notes isn't helpful...

In performance it isn't always the best idea, but sometimes you can get some great sounds just from messing around and not thinking about exactly what you're doing. Its something to try during practice.
Work out the notes that you can get away with using when playing in a certain key. Then do some weird progressions and make your own licks. Generally, it's good to work out all the notes that you can use on each string by going up and down the fretboard. Memorise them all and you become a hell of a lot more versatile and interesting as a player.
Good luck

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