Does anyone know anything about a Silvertone Modle 1446L Semi-Hollowbody circa 1964 Harmony.Are they good Guitars? I was also hoping that someone would help me track one down or Give me some links so I could find out more about them?

One like this
They were pretty cheaply made, but Silvertones have a decent reputation. Jimmy Page used Danelectros live, and the opening chord on Korn's Blind was played on a Silvertone if you like that sort of thing. They were shop or catalogue guitars, rather than a big brand. If it's a good price then go for it, but it probably won't play like an old Gibson or Guild.

From the pictures - those are Fender style humbuckers. If they're standard size then you'll be able to replace them easily if need be. That's a bolt-on neck (and only three bolts!) so won't resonate like a set neck. The headstock is pretty big, unlike traditional skinny Dano ones but it's probably that way on this model to add some weight to the neck.