k guys, heres the scoop,

I LOVE tremelos, I think theyre incredibly fun

and i'm lookin at buyin a new guitar...

Heres what i want:

Floyd Rose (Or other locking tremelo)
24 frets (must have)
lightweight (i have an LP now, ouch. lol)
Fast (ubarrrr important)
Like seriously, really fast
nice tone
sleek, not bulky
Hi gain pickups for shredding

this is a future purchase, so price doesnt matter that much, but i'd still want it to be not that outrageosly expensive

Any suggestions?
Ibanez RG1570 or Used RG5xx/RG7xx. Change the pup, not so great.
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try an fernandes revolver pro. You get a sustainer in that package, which is hot!!
Fernandes are abit of an aquired taste i think tho. Its kinda like a superstrat, but not.