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Exactly. At least he/ she just didn't say 'What do you think of The Lines?'

Their myspace songs sound quite good. I like Loud Mouth.
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Ecky thump!
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Doesn't matter, but cheers.

From their myspace...

"The Lines give FREE DOWNLOADS?
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After much debate, we have decided to let all fans have The Lines recorded tunes for free..."
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ooh i like their sound.
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No More No Less sounds like "What's The Story Morning Glory" (or whatever its called) by Oasis only more chaotic and with worse vocals. I was going to listen to the only three, but of course MySpace is a piece of **** that never functions properly.
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Their bassists name is Chris Titley. That makes me smile an immature smile.

Anyway, they're not bad. "Loud Mouth" is a good tune, but they're a little too dancey for my liking.
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No More No Less sounds like "What's The Story Morning Glory"

Aye it does a bit. No bad thing, I'm not a big Oasis fan but that's one of their better songs. 'Tracey' reminds me of BRMC's 'Take Them On On Your Own' album a little bit. I can't get 'Loud Mouth' to play unfortunately. I like them, better than most the bands I tend to hear on myspace.
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They're pretty good.

Quite wierd how they vary from song to song, it's like they can't make up their mind about which market to target. For instance, No More one is quite fast and catchy. But then Sirens is different, its slower.

But to be fair, i'm not that fussy, and i like all their songs that are on myspace. I've clicked on that savefile link, but it doesnt display any downloads. Is it not working for any one else?

Good for an unsigned band mysapce band though.