bit of a stupid question and i think i already know the answer but im not too familiar with whats out there in the electrical parts of the scene, but can i get a push/pull volume control that will also control the tone?
i dont really understand the question, do u mean like the switch that changed the pickups?
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u get a push/pull "pot." yes.

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ahhh no, he's talking about a killswitch, something that you can kill the sound, but its like a button not a knob u twist. As you can get with volume u can also get with tone, just exactly the same
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He wants to get one which will control volume in the down position, and tone up position right?
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If you mean a tone pot that can be used a coil tap , yes you can, any volume or tone pots can be used as a push / pull coil tap or whatnot
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He wants to know if a push/pull pot can control volume and tone, he said nothing about coil tapping.
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wells902 is correct, thats what i meant sorry if i didnt explain it very well :S

i just dont want to clutter up my guitar with another pot i just want the one and id prefer to be able to ajust my tone when im giging (fingers crossed) with it
No, but you can get a concentric pot.

If you got push bull your volume and tone would always be the same.
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