saw it a while back in a fender brocure. silicone strings isn't it? anyway, its a strange thing.
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It sounds like poo too. The guy can't play in time the strings are so floppy

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I thought it was funny when he talked about restringing the instrument...I believe he said "You tie a knot at the bridge and then tie another knot at the other end and you wind the string for dear life, hoping that it ends up working", lol that doesnt sound very promising
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That looks kinda like one of those Fernandes "Travel Bass" (is it called that?). Actually, it looks just like a Fernandes. Also, fernandes comes with a speaker built in, lol.

I don't see the purpose of the idea... Is it for folks with extremely sensitive fingers? I made a "bass" out of rubber bands a while back. But paying for one... YOu gotta be high!
But none of you have actually played one? I love em. Its not a real bass though.

Strings break every ****in second too
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Actually, I don't know. I have never been a fan of floppy-ass strings. The tone sounded good on the high frets of the high strings, but the bottom end just sounded like eeeggghhh.
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