I've recently been thinking about getting an Ibanez guitar, but one thing I've noticed is that most have jumbo frets. I was wondering, how jumbo exactly are these frets say, compared to a stratocaster? If they're that much bigger is it really worth getting?
Jumbo frets make it feel more like a scalloped neck. They're more of a preference sort of thing. Lots of stratocasters have jumbo frets, some don't. What kind of Ibanez are you getting?
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I think most strats have jumbo or medium jumbo frets. The fret is a bit "taller" if you can say that.
I cant tell you actually what YOU like, you gotta actually try them out yourself. If you ask me, i prefer semi jumbo, more of a combi. of medium to large. If compared to stratocaster's, i think its almost the same but definetely different.
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I don't really like jumbo frets, personally. I just think they're monstrous speed bumps when sliding, and eh, I generally don't like the feel. I like my frets in the middle. Mediums seem just the right size, but some people like tiny frets, it's really all a matter of opinion.
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