hey I was wondering if I should either get a better amp or buy a pedal. What are good price and quality amps and pedals as well? Whats the better choice thanks
If you get an amp, thats all you need.
+10,000 for the amp.
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depending on how much your gonna spend, id get both as pedals cna be great !
Well if u cant get both..... Definitley the amp, U can get some amps out there that great and have effects built in. Ill suggest a Vox, What kinda pedal were u looking at?
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If you have a amp that you don't like because of its distortion sound or lack of features or something, I'd reccomend getting a good processor. Boss do some good ones... check out the GT-8 or ME-50. But if you're amp is just plain crap or too small then obviously an amp takes precedence
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depends on how much your gonna spend
a $100 amp is gonna ruin your tone
a $100 pedal will help it


a $500 amp is gonna be great tone
but a $500 pedal aint gonna be much better then a $100 one
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