Yes, its jazz oriented ambient lounge surroundchords.

http://nms.dmusic.com/ - 4:00 Peace

There's also some other stuff i've done lying around this forum...

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It was nice and distant. The drums were pretty lousy IMO, but who am I to complain... Loved the chord progressions throughout, allthough this got a bit boring. How about a guitar lead here?
FP, love this one. Very calm, controlled and flowing piece of music. The drums are a bit thin though and sometimes the snare, hi-hat and kick seem to sound a little alike. However, since this isn't the type of song you want booming drums over, I don't mind at all
After 3.30 there were a few instances when I thought the song was over, but you decided to some back for few "encores". This didn't bother me, but I'm not sure it adds much either.
The atmosphere this song has really made me want to solo over it, and I did ( don't hurt me now, I only do that when I really like it) . I stumbled a few times over the progressions which again shows this is very well thought-out piece of music.


I'll check out your other song in a minute.

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