The guy didnt sell it on ebay (0 bids) he was asking $350 starting bid so I contacted him and offered $315 shipped, he said he will ask his manager and get back to me. Its a Charvel Model 4 made in Japan.

I got this off Ed Roman's websight:

Other Note: Charvel bolt ons were discontinued and replaced with Jackson bolt ons in 1986. This coincided with the introduction of the Japanese Charvels. In the spring of 1990, the four digit Jackson neck plate was reserved for custom instruments only. All production bolt on instruments were given the six-digit USA series neck plate.

So its Japanese, which is ok I mean nowadays we pay top dollar for Japanese guitars and Korean is the defacto "affordable quality".

Its got the Jackson active pickups which sound pretty good (I used to own a Chavel model 5 neckthru but hated the neck) 1 vol, 1 tone, and active 20db mid boost with 3 mini toggles to turn pups on/off, and the icing on the cake original Kahler Flyer trem

To put it into perspective I can get this alder body/kahler trem/active pup axe for $350max or spend $950 for a Korean made alder body/Kahler trem/active pup Hanneman model LTD. Hope it goes thru the wood has aged 20 years now

looks nice

it would be a nice guitar for customizing
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Great find dude! Early 80's Charvels are the sex, im jealous
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Cool guitar, be careful contacting ebayers outside ebay...it is not in keeping with ebay policy and could get you banned.
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Is that a switch for each pickup? I've never seen that before, pretty cool.
Really nice Custom....

I'd scallop the neck, throw an 89/S/S in there and that thing would be a bad bad boy...
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how many guitars are you up to now? lol..
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That thing is beautiful
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It looks like a good buy. There is some restoration needed, I noticed a lot of rust, wear on the bridge and nut, should be easy enough to clean up. Congrats.
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how many guitars are you up to now? lol..
Ive owned 15 since 1983 haha not counting this Charvel, and still havent owned the "perfect" guitar. My perfect guitar would be an Ibanez RG or S Prestige neck thru but all mahogany neck and body, preferably carved from one huge piece not with wings glued on, but 24 3/4 inch scale with an Edge Pro or ZR with Duncan Distortion/Jazz and coil taps on both. The $ Ive lost on trades and what I own now I could have had that built Im sure