Ok, this is a band Im in with my bro and we just finnished recording a 3 track demo, I play Rythem and lead, he did bass and drums! the first song is the best imo.. Enjoy!!!


And to rate this demo could you rate the thread!! Thanks!
Listened to "No I wont"

Intro is pretty catchy, maybe put a rhythm guitar behind it? Chord progression after is cool too, but it'd be nice to have a lead here.

I imagine you're going to put vocals in? they'd help pull this together a lot.

I was waiting for some sort of solo, sped up section, or some sort of climax, but it never came. It would offset some of the repetitiveness of that main riff. Seems like the song is building towards something, but it doesnt get there.

I've listened to some of your other music, and I've enjoyed them all, especially "ends war". Work on this.
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see i wanted to put in some solo but my brother said and i qoute " feck off" but i might work on one and show him how sweet it would sound! thanks for the crit man!