In the future, when I get my 2nd guitar, im thinking about putting LED lights in the dot inlays on my Ibanez. How hard is this to do?

Also, how hard would it be to switch out pickup's in a Strat? Ive never dealth with customizing or modding.
You'll have to remove the fret board to put LEDs under your inlays. Route out some wood if you need extra room to run the wires, and route a place for a cavity in the body for the battery if you don't have enough room.

Changing pickups is simple, all you need is a soldering iron, solder, and desoldering braid. Unsolder the old pickups, solder in new pickups.
how hard: quiet a bit

1) remove the fretboard from a guitar with a razor and
2.) drill out the holes for the LEDs
3) route out a slight channel down the neck for the wiring and all that
4) mount the LEDs in (use the smallest you can find)
5) fill in the holes with some kind of epoxy thing
6) sand down...I guess you'd have to have remove the frest for this step
7.) err, I don't really have any idea
you're in for a hell of a ride if you attempt this

and changing pickups is easy, even if you've never used a soldering iron. Just take off the pickgaurd, desolder and take out the old pickups then mount and solder the new ones in their places.
In order to put LEDs into the inlays of your fretboard, you'd have to take your fretboard off, rout out space for the wires, remove the inlays and rout straight through for the LEDs, and work out a way to give the LEDs flat tops so that they won't impeed playing. You'll then have to make sure that the operation of this system does not interfere with the truss road, and then surreptitiously provide a line-in that would allow you to plug the LED circuit into a battery somewhere within the body of the guitar. So more routing there.

Switching out pickups on a strat is one of the easiest mods there is; you take your current pickup, de-solder it, solder your new pickup in place, and re-attach it to the pickguard. Since all the electronics are on the pickguard, if you de-solder the output jack, you can basically work with the pickguard as a whole anywhere, without being tethered to the guitar.
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how do you de-solder, and where do you soder your pickups to and whats soder?
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You de-solder by warming up the solder holding the wires to your pickup and then using a de-solder braid to soak it up so that the pickup comes out.

You solder by warming up the area to be soldered and placing a small piece of solder onto the area, then removing the heat so that the solder cools.

Solder is a soft, low-melting point alloy with conductive properties.
Posers are like punks, except they do it for fashion

If i were you, i'd buy a cheap neck of Ebay to practice putting LEDs in. I wouldn't **** with a brand new guitar, because it looks hella tricky. You don't wanna ruin a perfectly good guitar for a little bit of stage effect.