Hey guys, just wanted to know what you think about this new song wrote and recorded by myself. It's the one under Original Recordings named Turetz. It can be pretty messy though. :-/ It's also pretty short and to the point.


It may sound a little fuzzy or something. This isn't caused by my tone as much as it is because of my crap microphone that I got for 10$ at Wal-Mart lol.
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you have a ****ty icon.

on to the song.

Good start, liked the riff, the mixing, and your tone was quite good.

doesn't flow too much as a whole, but good riffs, nice tone, good harmonies, and overall it was pretty good.

Oh lord the solo.

Horrid, sorry.

TERRIBLE bends, WAY out of tune most of the time, or out of key. Sloppy like a teenage backseat handjob, and made no sense. But good riffs.
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lol yeah im sorry about the rap thing. No, not the icon, just the fact that you like rap.

And yeah I'll be sure to fix the solo up.
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you have a ****ty icon.
No pun intended, I'm sure.
*as I'm listening*

I like the riffs, though the tone is too fuzzy, and the beat is a bit off...
Loving the dual-guitars at 0:55
At 1:40, it really kicks in...very nice.
Stereo thing you got going at 2:00...sweet
Solo's a bit sloppy, but I'm hearing some definite Kerry King influence in there. Am I right?

All in all, great song man.

Btw...no such thing as 'trash metal', I do believe you mean 'thrash metal'.
AHHHH worst typo ever!!! Yeah I changed it and I feel bad now.

And yeah, some Kerry King in there. Also some Kirk Hammett and some Dimebag for that ascending run. And some Van Halen for the tapping I guess too.
lol I think I've pissed you off PooKoo.

Yeah, I'll admit I didn't put too much thought into the music theory. But I did take "even if just a little." like you said up there. Don't think just because I had some notes out of place that my music theory was all to hell.
Ok yeah I understand that you want to show me my faults, but you did it in a manner that was pretty harsh.

It wasn't random tapping by the way. I could play that solo right back to you the way it was played on the recording.

And what's wrong with divebombs?
Oh and by the way I thought I'd let you know PooKoo,

I'm watching Pulp Fiction at the moment. lol.
dual guitars is hot. some problems with timing, but that can be ironed out with some work, the scalar work is nice, how you weave about. overall its hot, just nothing revolutionary.

i wonder what metal is going to be like in the next 20 years...? hell 10.

cFOURc? http://mthree.zdsquared.com/Files/Embossed.mp3