Hi all,
I was wondering how you all come up with the melodies for your songs (im sure thats the right word, how its sung? like if you sing it one way then another they are different melodies)
Also, do you write your chords first or do the vocals and melody and build your chords round that?
for me it really depends. sometimes ill come up with a cool riff and some different parts to go along with it and then ill write lyrics to go along with it. other times if i come up with a cool verse or chorus when ever i get back to my guitar ill put some chords around it. sometimes if you have a riff first it helps to record it and then try to figure out what vocal melodies/words go along with it (you can download audacity for free for a easy to use recording program)
Well, for me, I really don't write vocal melodies often becuase the vocals are being rapped over the guitar, so it's more about the rythm. But what I do for melodies is just play the riff/chords that are going to be sung over and just hum whatever comes to mind. Keep doing this until something sounds good.
You should write in whatever order comes natrually to you.

To come up with vocal melodies, sing the lyrics in your head and then figure out what you hear in your head. Yes, this is hard.
For me i would say its better to write a song on guitar first like, if some riff comes to you you say hey thats cool and eleborate on that then once you have a song done i would write lyrics and vocals around that. The reason this is, for me at least is, you dont wanna have a really depressing sounding song instrumentally and then have lyrics about how wonderfull the world is and how we should all give hugs to everyone around us
you know?
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just do whatever feels right for you. there's no hard and fast rule concerning how this should be done, so its best to do whatever is easiest for you. though personally i write the melodies off the chord progression
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Don't worry about lyrics to much, if you don't feel it, leave 'em out. Its better than spitting out cliche phrases. There are many instrumental songs (and genres) that are very underrated and underappreciated.
feel free to borrow techniques for adding certain musical feels. like if you want it to sound energetic you could change chords faster, or sing faster rhythms. or if you want it to sound darker use a minor chord. you'll get a feel for how certain sounds evoke certain emotions or whatever. don't be afraid to be cold and calculating, thinking, ok, i want it to sound like this so i'll do this that i know sounds like that
i basicly just say this
"what do i want this to sound like"
then i use my theory knowlage to tweak it
untill it sounds cool/ cool
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i usually have a cool guitar part and really mess around with lyrics and how many times a repeat the riff, and whatever the the riff sounds like i usually write whatever it makes me feel like.... idk
very cool, personally ive been writing the chords first then singing close to the but its great to see what others do