I just need an opinion really
is the marshall jcm 900 lead 1960 cab a good cab?
or what in your opinion is the best marshall cab there is
im trying to stay away from messa stuff and im looking into a good marshall cab but im kinda un familliar with them
any suggestions?
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What head are you hooking it up to?

The JCM900 1960 is a decent cab, has the standard 75W Celestions, which have a low mid "bump" instead of the V30s which have a high mid bump.
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i was looking into a peavey 6505 as a head, i have a line 6 head now but im bored of it and looking for tubes and i really like that peavey head
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Why are you avoiding Mesa cabs? They're the cream of the crop.

I agree.

Id use one if I could afford it.