Where do you find the majority of the "new" music you listen to:

MySpace Music
Online Magazines
Print Magazines
Radio (not really new by then)

I have found out about a lot of new artists (or at least new to me) by getting Sirius Radio
going into record stores and buying cd's whose cases I like.

that's how i started listening to trivium waay back on ember to inferno, and to some degree a7x since i'd never heard anything by em but the artwork on COE caught my eye
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look through cds you have
and see the bands they give credit to
for inspiring them, or bands that they respect and tour with
Pandora's a good way to find new music. Also, just add your favorite bands on myspace, and all these bands that you probably have never heard of before will most add you because of your taste in music.
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mostly here on UG, also an audioscrobbler is a good way to find new music.
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