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i cant belive that the guitarest of rolling stons fell out of a tree on fuji islands
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I KNOW! he's like what? 500 years old...and he climbs up a tree. Good job, keef.
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lol jk we suck


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OMgz0r... old news.
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Derigiberble would win in a fight against any UGer, n00b or not, just because most people on the site can't help but love him/her.

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Yeah, but Richards really wanted that coconut.

But seriously, this thread is stupid.
"...And I'm pretty sure what you did to my children's snowman is illegal, if not, sodomy."
-Stephen Colbert: 'The Colbert Report'
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How did he even get up there? And how did he not kill himself falling down?! Long live Keith man.
Yeah, man.