How long do you guys usually take on recording a song? I usually take forever since I'm a perfectionist when it comes to recording.
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I try to do it in one or two takes, i like mistakes. It gives it more character and emotion.
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well it depends on what it is.


if you check out the songs there they all took different times to record.

'improvised song' took like 1 minute and a half
Crazy Train took about 2 hours
'Acoustic song' took about 3 hours cause i was writing it as i recorded it.

if im doing a cover usually im a perfectionist if its my song i can usuall play it perfect in one take.
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Everything on my soundclick page was recorded in 20 to 30 minutes, with the exception of the song off my first band's CD from 93). Most of it was done over backing tracks made by other peolple and I am an improvisational player, so 1 to 3 takes, pick the best one, mix guitar into backing track, apply whatever VST plugins, encode to MP3, post on soundclick, approx 30 minutes total.

The tune "False Prophet" on my soundclick page is from a CD I did with my first band in 93, we did 5 songs, 52 hours to record all of them and I dont know how long to mix and master because I wasn't there for that.

However, I am about to work on a batch of tunes that are composed by me from the ground up, and that will be much more long and drawn out a process.
When I'm recording for a song it'll take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to record the drums so that we can get the guitars to play in sync. Then when we record the guitars it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours to get one song recorded, then we get to make it sound pretty =)
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How long do you guys usually take on recording a song? I usually take forever since I'm a perfectionist when it comes to recording.

I agree with u, It can take me hours and I still wont be happy
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it really depends on what i am looking for from the recording as to how long it takes me. if im making a nice recording where i want everything to be perfect, it can take quite a long time. other times i record each riff once then use that to lay out the song.

if im doing the each riff once method, it only takes me about half an hour or so to record the whole song. all i need there is a nice take of each riff or progression. then i use that to set up the song order, like see how long i want the verse to be, etc. this takes me much shorter, as i have to record much less.

when im recording something that i want to actually be done well, it takes much longer. since i am able to record at home, i can take however long i want without having to spend money on a studio. so i usually make sure i can play everything perfectly a couple times in a row, then record a couple takes to make sure its as perfect as can be. everything is recorded to a click track, synth drums, metronome, or something similar to keep perfect time. once im at least mostly happy with a track, i move on to the next one where the process starts over. this takes a long time, but time varies depending on number of tracks and length overall.

i find the more time i put into a song, the better it is probably going to sound. that means i usually take quite a long time to get something exactly how i want it before im satisfied.
I can usually get it in two or three takes on an average. Sometimes I'll sit down and record a few songs in one take and others I might end up doing like 3. I don't mind mistakes but if they are too bad I'll do another or three if needed.
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I'm a perfectionist but I recorded a 12 song album in a week, minus the drums. The drums took the session drummer a week of his own. So excluding mixing and mastering, the album was recorded in 2 weeks.

I did all guitars, basses, vocals and synth programming. Most songs have about 10 - 15 guitar tracks, some have less and some have more (the most is 23 I think). Then 7 or 8 drum tracks depending on which kit the drummer used.

Many tracks only needed one take but for some I did like 5 or 6 when I just wasn't happy with what I was doing.

I did 2 songs / day (obviously if you do the math) but I had all day every day .. so we can say about 4 hours or so per song.

It took a bit longer to mix. Probably another 4 - 6 hours per song but more broken up 'cause listening to the same song over and over really screws your perspective on it .. so a lot of breaks were taken. Sometimes with a day or two in between.
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It depends how well you know the song, and how well prepared you are. I've managed to myself record, mix, and master a song in a weekend. Usually I'll just record 4 takes of every instrument with a click track, and than you have a lot to work with when it comes to creating your perfect mix.