I had a go at an Opeth instrumental as Mikael's vocals are damn hard to sing. It's off 'Damnation' for those who don't know, and you all should probably buy it. Especially once you hear this undoubtably mind-blowing cover, which will make you wish Opeth had added me as a guitarist when they had the chance.

All comments helpful, crit for crit, etc.

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Listening now, critting as I listen

The strumming bit in the intro seems played fine, though the little linear bass bit after the strums sounds choppy in a place or two.

Bends were spot on for the lead, Lovin the tone on this lead. Very nice Opeth-y tone, cheers for that

Sounds pretty good to me, though the dual lead-ish parts could sync up SLIGHTLY better near the end/second half of the song though.

Overall, a job well done
My God, it's full of stars!
Listening. . .

Clean tone lacks warmth - it's warm, but not warm enough. The bass riff at the end is sloppy. Your stab at Opeth's tone is great, but it's just lacking that professionally recorded sound.

Nice job.
i have absolutely no complaints wid the tone.i have heard the original only a couple of times so i cant comment much.even then the strumming was ok. could have been btr.lead parts were spot on.overall it was pretty good.7.5/10.