OK i have a major problem, i just broke my G. and i have replacements for every other string except G and i was wondering, can you replace a G string with a B or a D? please help
i guess w/ a B just tune it to G and itll sound fine just a little thicker than wanted
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or you could just spend like $6 and get a new pack of strings
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please someone. please

Wow, someone is desperate. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it would work.
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or you could just go to your local music store and ask just for the one string you need and they will sell it to you for like $1
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please someone. please

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Useing a B would work fine.
well i dont have any money, i got fired from my job 2 weeks ago and my last paycheck was like 5 bucks... im pretty ****ed on my car payment too...