I got my ad50 today and it really pissing me off
whenever i turn it on theres that loud humming sound that it didnt have when i tested it in the store (that could just be my really crappy cable) but then whenever i change amp models or turn up the volume or gain this really loud squeaky feedback comes and idk how im getting so much feedback and how do i stop this. also it doesnt seem that loud it sounds just as loud as my old 15 watt crate

so any troubleshooting tips you could give me would be very appreciated
and maybe some settings to get a good classic rock tone or any specific artists youve found a good setting 4
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Feedback is natural. Get a noise gate.

The hum is electronics in the area, get a noise gate.
that's not natural... check your cable, and check it with other guitars if possible, it might just be defective.
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it could be because of a certain light in the room. certain lights like UV lights or blacklights, or just certain lighting can cause feedback. the store probably didnt have these lights or they were far away from the amp when you tried it.
check the effect it mite be that play around with it check which pickup ur using and uh make sure there isnt anything interfering with the amp
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try setting the noise reduction on the amp. turn on bypass and hold down tap and turn the edit knob to adjust the noise reduction.
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...also it doesnt seem that loud it sounds just as loud as my old 15 watt crate

Really, you won't hear a lot of difference in actual volume. Every time you double amp power, you get a 3 dB increase in volume. 3 dB is actually the smallest increment of sound intensity most humans can detect. So if your new amp was 60W, it would only be 6 dB louder than a 15 watt amp.
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Is that volume increase thing for solid state amps or valve amps?

(I'm completely ignorant but I thought solid state volume was proportional to wattage and valve amp volume was doubled when wattage was multiplied by ten)
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Feedback is a high pitched squeeling noise created when a microphone or something like a guitar pickup is too close to a speaker and it makes like a sort of infinite sound loop. eg guitar pickup sends signal to amp amp makes loud noise hits the pickups and goes back through the amp etc etc. If you are getting feedback move your guitar farther away from your amp. Anyway i dont think thats what you have. Try your guitar/ amp in another room away from: fluorescent lights, computer monitors or anything you think might make interference. If your using high gain or a high gain amp model use your humbucker (double coil) pickup for less noise and like the other guy said use the built in noise gate. One more thing to keep in mind the last like 1/2 to 1/4 turn of a gain knob is mostly just extra noise without much better sound i find. Hope that helps. Oh yeah one more thing if its only when you are physically turning the knob that the noise occurs it could need cleaning like my dads old stereo used to do that until it was cleaned with some kind of spray or something i think.
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