hey i took my 1st lesson today , and i learnt the right hand technique and the spider technique. I was just wondering how they are applicable to strumming songs. Thanks.
basically its used to remove that string noise that you get when switching strings. for example: play a D5 on the A string, then play a A#5 on the E string without using the spider technique. now try it using the spider technique. if you're using an amp you should notice that there is none of that string noise from switching strings.
Could someone clue me in (the only spider technique I heard of is a chromatic excercise).
play a D5 on the A String, with your index and ring finger. then play an A#5 on the E String without moving your fingers off the A String by using your middle finger and pinkie, be careful to only strike the first two strings though. otherwise you'll have an A in the powerchord, and you don't want that.