how do i take the rytham/ treble thing off my les paul? i saw some lp's without them...
im just guessing but i would say unscrew the switch, take it out. Take the ring off. screw the switch back in.
^ yep. I thought you meant take the whole switch out and I was about to yell at you. But you just do what danilo said.
wait, you mean eliminate the switch all together? or just take it out to fix it?
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just take the bolt off from around the toggle, and remove the little disc. then screw back on. simple as.
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Im guessing you have seen that MCR guitarist do it?
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uhh...i tried doing this...it just moves the toggle around...

well you open up the round back cavity thing to get to the back of the switch to take it out. And then you're probably going to have to disconnect one pickup and solder one pickup permenantly to the rest of the controls