alright in my last thread i asked what people thought about pink floyd and if they did drugs or not..... well thats closed now because of spam so i guess ill star a new one on a simmilar subject... in that thread people said that pink floyd was straight edge, well on all the straight edge web site it credits a band like minor threat for starting it, and also people said that jim morrison was straight edge, i wish i could beleive that but if he died it was because of drug overdose aledgedly....so i guess my questions are as follows....
Who really started straight edge?
How could Jim Morrison have been straight edge?

..................p.s. pooko seems to know alot about this subject so maybe he'll join this thread
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what in the name of hell are you babbling about?

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meatwad>chuck norris
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okay so in a thread i had before i asked people if they thought pink floyd did drugs, and on that conversation people said that pink floyd was straight edge which would be impossible since the movement was started till the eighties acording to the encyclopedia

...........straight edge was an anti drug movement
So your saying that you read Pink Floyd did not do drugs, but that is impossible because no one didn't do drugs until the 80's?
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they were prolly being sarcastic. SXE is a drug free, and casual sex free lifestyle that came from the early DC hardcore scence. Pink Floyd tripped balls all the time, they weernt straight edge, hahaha, thats ridiculous
people said that after syd blew his brains they went straight edge, sounds like a reasonable descision to me, and the band has spoken publicly about being drugfree since then
no man, straight edge isnt just saying you dont do drugs, its a lifelong oath. trust me man floyd isnt edge. PooKoos retarded, he listens to Leftover Crack, it was a big joke thread.
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ya dude most sxe bands are hardcore anyways, listen to Casey Jones, old Throwdown, Minor Threat, Champion and the likes
LOL omg.

They were being SO sarcastic man.

I'm sorry but if you can't see that...

Sure they acted serious but they were just kidding. And in an extremely funny manner might I add.
well man, thats kinda a let down, cause everyone on that thread that didnt say floyd was sxe said that their wierdness was proof enough to prove that they were on drugs, sucks to think that floyd couldn't acheive the same level of creativeness sober