Does anybody that has AOL Instant Messenger know much about Epiphone Les Paul 100s or Epiphone Vintage G-400s? Thanks.
well ok... this is like the 5th time ive tried to figure this out by making a new thread though...

alright why does everyone think the Les Paul 100 is so bad? I played it and loved how it looked. It sounded fine. I have a yamaha pacifica right now and the look and feel of it just isnt doin it for me anymore. Ive been playing for a year now and really want this guitar. I dont see why this is also a beginner guitar and not much of an upgrade. thanks
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O well if you really like it then go for it. But I would hate you for life if you did. Take it this way. Go try it out again and then right after try out another slightly higher end guitar. Stay close to the price range. If the budget is the problem save up and get some that will at least be worth while. The G-400 isn't bad though. It's not amazing but it doesn't suck or anything. I think you should just try out the Les Paul 100 head to head against another slightly more costly guitar. If you still like it then well I guess you probably fell in love. I do have a question though. What exactly do you like about the guitar besides it "sounding fine"?
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I love the body style of Les Paul guitars and it feels like better quality and much more solid than my pacifica. The pacifica is made of all agathis which is crap. The lp is made mostly of mahogany and a strip of alder, which isnt too bad. And by the way i tried the g-400 right after the lp 100 and they didnt sound different. Im just kindof sick of the Fender Strat look of my yamaha, it just looks so normal and for some reason i just love the les paul look
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Well if you Want a new guitar, and you like the body, the sound, and The price of the les paul, I say get it, its a great guitar

in the end its your choice, your money,

As for price, the LP-100 usually goes for about $250 and the Vintage G-400 is $300.
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