maybe a little less repetitive, maybe do it like once or twice. but othwer than that, i like it, but how hard do you want it to be?
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well i'm not sure what i think about it going into something fast, but you could definitely make it work i suppose. i'd be really interested to hear what you have in mind for after this intro. but yeah so far so good. i think it might be a hair long for an intro though... but that will also kinda depened on where you go with it. so basically i think you have a pretty solid start for something good there. nice job.

crit 4 crit?

Im going to have to agree with danilo on that, it just sounds like its crying for some hard gain shred guitar in the back, to the taste of malmsteen. i can understand what you mean by playing it faster, as that would give it a more 80s sound. If thats not what youre shooting for, im afraid if the drums arent up to par then thats what it'll turn out to be.

crit 4 crit? http://mthree.zdsquared.com/Files/Embossed.mp3
Yeah dude, sounds good, nice quality.

A little repetitive. A kind of common sense, but little known fact... It's been proven that the first 10-15 seconds of a song are the most important, because that's how long the average listener tunes in. That's why all my intros are usually less than that, it helps a lot.

It sounds good, just cut it, oh, in half.

http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...ad.php?t=376177 crit mine please, thanks
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Alright, and about the 80s stuff, I really like 80s metal and rock. I was listening to metallica when I did it. But thanks for the crits.
You are on a good track for only been playing for such a short time. Keep practicing.
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You are on a good track for only been playing for such a short time. Keep practicing.

Any suggestions?