So my les paul sounds funny, the top e string has just begun to sound like its vibrating against metal when strummed. The set up GC gave me a while ago was perfect, but I'm now wondering if it needs another set up because of temperature or something. Maine is getting into the hot season and I can't exactly keep my room cool.

How much does temperature affect the guitar neck? Is it a serious problem?

I'm thinking about getting an air conditioner just for my room, but I'm unsure exactly what temperature to set it at.
its has somewhat of an effect, but even with Maine's scorching inferno, it wouldn't be enough to warp the neck. I live in Georgia, and lately its been Satan's Armpit, but my guitar holds up pretty well.
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Apparently I'm on some list of people to listen to..?
Maine has drastic weather changes, I don't see why this is comical. Sorry if I think the high 80's is classified as hot. You know, it's kind of hot when it's something called summer.

Edit: I think it's kind of sad that I can't even make a reference to summer, it being a hot season, and still be bashed for it. These forums are so ridiculous, everyone just has to find something wrong with a question.

As I asked before, what is a good temperature for a guitar room?
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