Okay, i'm looking for a distortion pedal. Here are my options:

Demonizer Damage Control
Analogman DS-1 MOD
Jules DS-1 Mod Seeing Eye Keeley (http://www.pedalslam.com/html/boss_ds-1.html)
Vodka Mod
Original Robert Keeley Mod DS-1

Out of those which would probably be the best. My only problem with the Deominzer although i can afford it. It's very expensive and i already have a compressor and i don't really like it's fixed wah. SO i was wondering if there's a pedal that can give a simillar sound to it but without all the crap it has with it. If you guys would like to recommend something better then that would be great.
I have a Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde which I love. It has an overdrive channel and a distortion channel, it gets a bluesy rock sound but the distortion can actually be used for some deep metal via the Mid Scoop (EQ).

If you're looking for a tube driven Overdrive, go for a ToneBone. There are several different kinds, depending on what you're looking for, to choose from. They have a couple of 12AX7's and are very easy to use.

You can't go wrong with a Tubescreamer but the TS-808's (the good ones) are about 160 bucks for a not-so-adjustable overdrive.
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$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?

Of course #1 would be the Demonizer. Second would be Jules DS-1 Mod Seeing Eye Keeley. This is only because I can hear the sound clips of that one and dont know of the other pedal's sound clips. Also the sound clips sound great.
I see. Thanks more opinions would be appriciated. I already have the screamin tubes by Jules which is by far a more superior beast than the Keeley,Analogman Ts9 Tube screamer and Hyde Overdrive. I actually sold my Jyke and hyde because my screeamin tubes plus just ruled.