Yeah I know it's cheesy, but I'm writing a song for my girl, i have the chorus lyrics but I can't seem to match any chords to them. See if any of you can help me. Thanks.

"Everytime I look in your eyes/
I see your love for me/
Everytime I hold you in my arms/
I'm where I need to be.
Baby girl I promise to/
always and forever be with you."

Im not that good at making chords to stuff but you could do Am C Am G F C switching after each line. that sounds pretty good
schecter c1 plus (duh)
seagul mini jumbo

JD, u're breakin a couple of the forum rules as far as i can c, so u'd better repost this correctly.

anyways, write a bit more to it and just mess around with some chords till u get smth that suits it.

so who do i have to kill to get a crit? --> Memory

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