I havent posted here in a long time.
I took a long break from writing and just started up again.
here is your **** you song about the ex girlfriend.
Hate on it I dont care.
I just wanna see what you guys think needs improving.

As I'm watching you fall apart and crawling towards the doorway,
Every limb is torn off, regrown and torn off again.

I see you your choking in the corner,
Over nothing important at all.
I can't help but laugh like it was the plan all along.
I swear it wasn't supposed to end like this,
But hey i'm not complaining now am I?

And when my eyes begin to fall from focus.
Remind me what I ever saw in you.
Pull this plug and let me breathe on my own.
Your dead to me you always were.

With an improvised form of hoping you regret every word
Cus I know you've got an addiction of faking fact and fiction
And burn your force fed promises and watch them wither away
I was more alive on life support.