Crisp morning air
Listen to it if you care
New sweet love never lasts
Dwelling on our reluctant pasts

Listen to what I am relieving
Thoughts and emotions never believing
My soul Will me you ever understand?
I?m the passive member in a nonexistent band

Watch me as I am about to leave
New thoughts I am to perceive
Listen to our mystic flowing
Not us talking, just us glowing

Walk of this ledge because of the night
You were cold; I needed to be held tight
God is abstract he is written on our souls
Manning our desire and pressing our controls

Testing our faith when he is alive
this perfect night he did contrive
so after this our emotions will close
Our love like the crisp morning air gently on a rose.
"The shopowner and his son ... well that's an entirely different story altogether ... I had to beat them to death with their own shoes."
I enjoyed the first two lines.

The "My soul Will me you ever understand?" didn't make any sense to me. A typo, perhaps?

It leaves a lot to think about. It'd make a good, slow song with acoustic guitar. Are you planning to put music to it, or is it just a poem?

Anyway, it's good. Maybe another verse, before the last. But nice job.