havent seen them live, but i like their music.
Youtube covers

Thier live show was amazing. They usually do a cover, and when I saw them it was Cortez the Killer. They added a reggae section to it, and it was very good. Also, they play the originals in a very precise yet loose manner, which I find very appealing. You'll have a great time man.
they came to chicago and played two nights. i went to both. the first night i was in the balcony and it was still pretty cool cuz the sound quality was amazingly good. but the second night i showed up early and got a spot right in front of doug, which also kicked quite a bit of ass. at the end of the show he handed out the set lists they used and i got his. so that was pretty cool.
They requested my band on Myspace, that excited me very much indeed.

Great music, and never really does get old.