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D-Generation X (I've got two words for ya...SUCK IT!)
32 68%
N.W.O (4 Life brother!)
15 32%
Voters: 47.
Were you a D-Generation X man....or an NWO man?

Bow down to the king....the King of Kings
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The pics are messed up...and apparently hosted by tripod.
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D-Generation X and tripod sucks.
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It was ALL about the NWO.


Pshh mother f*ck NWO. DX would kick their asses.
When I first got into wrestling I didn't know what to watch, WWF or WCW.. I got an NWO hat but ended up throwing it away when I found out WCW was lame.
well both are lame but it was lamer

man china is so freaky. I coulda swarn she was a man
I used to flip between Monday Night Raw (WWF/WWE) and Monday Nitro (WCW). Commercial break, flip, commercial break, flip....For awhile it was NWO b/c they took over the whole show. They were kicking everyones ass, then it got gay when Wolfpac came out because there was like 20% of the wrestlers who weren't on either NWO white/black or NWO red/black....except for Flair, DDP and Goldberg.

WWF was just awesome because they pushed the vulgarity to the next level. Stone Cold flipping the finger, drinkin beer, cussing....DX saying "suck it" and ****. it used to be awesome
Bow down to the king....the King of Kings
o,i should also mention that even tho i liked DX pretty much everything wcw and wwf did during that time were things ecw had already done
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i can't believe HHH slept with china.. man that makes him gay ewww

haha, he made up for it atleast in my opinion by marrying the boss's daughter Stephanie McMahon. (true story)
Bow down to the king....the King of Kings
buddy, generation x was crazy
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buy a slurpie at 7 eleven...but put it in the double gulp cups so you get more for less...yeah...stick it to the man slurpie style
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haha, he made up for it atleast in my opinion by marrying the boss's daughter Stephanie McMahon. (true story)

ya she's hot
lawl. dx duh.
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I used to hate chavs until my sister got a smack in the mouth from one. Now I love them.
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Kai en Tai!

Yamaguchi-san choppy choppy your peepee!

Kai en Tai ftw


Are those groups still around???
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Wow, that looks extremely good, thank you mcuhly RadioHead22, for your amazing gift of foodiness.

Sting is so badass.

did anyone ever notice the resemblance between sting and brandon lee?
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you are definately a skilled writer.


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yay lets watch a bunch of men in tights jump on top of eachother wOOt!, honestly i don't understand how anyone can be interested in wrestling its not even real, yea they do slip up sometimes and someone does get hurt but why not watch UFC instead? or better yet PRIDE fighting where they actually do beat the sh*t out of eachother
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Thats right.. I'm drooling over your body... *walks off and registers as a gay sex offender *

~We Rock Out With Our Cocks Out!: UG Naked Club.~
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DX were more interesting. That and the WWF was way less cheesy. For example, WWF had Shawn Michaels, WCW had Booker T. Which sounds less stupid?
i have to say was an NWO man
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