I found one of these cool pedals in a pawn shop and bought it for $40. My question now is, should I keep it or sell it? I've seen them sell on Ebay for $200-$300. I've only been playing guitar for a year or two and I don't really know enough to put it to great use.Sure it's fun, but so is $300.Will I be kicking myself later if I sell it? Any thoughts, help me out.
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keep it
its only gonna go up in price in the future
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i'm with SGloserkid - keep it hjave some fun with it for a couple of years - its only gna go up in value
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hot damn....i gotta find some pawn shops near me. I've got plenty of porn shops, but no pawn shops.... how strange
ahhhh i want that pedal, yea i'd say keep it.......its considered a vintage pedal nowadays.......its gonna be worth a bomb if you keep it for a while longer trust me

or you can just give it to me
You mean the Space Station or the new multi pedal with all the expression style pedals (wah, Whammy, etc) built in? Does anyone actually know what the Space Station does?
Keep it!

It's tons of fun. I love mine, lol
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