I like the OFR just fine..

If you're planning on upgrading to an Edge Pro expect to pay thru the nose.. Most of the nice Ibanez trems cost 2x as much as an OFR does
Both have their own feel and preferences that some may like and dislike, both are good and fairly reliable so i cant say that one is better than the other. But i've always liked the Ibanez's Edge Pro since it has lower action, pop in arm, the fine tuners being at the back, and no need for cutting the ball ends.
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Thats what she said...
they are both good trems, both use hardened steel, so they last for many years before wearing out the knife edges. Both have decent size blocks for sustain, and both will run near $200-220USD if you buy them new.
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OFR is way better I think. But none of them is good enough. OFRb reaks the strings, and EP is not as good as OFR. So I have a Tune o matic :P